Dürr Samen BIO-Babyleaf-Salat Spicy Mix


ORGANIC Babyleaf Salad Spicy Mix is ​​a tasty baby leaf mixture in organic quality. Also ideal for sowing on the balcony and terrace in window boxes and pots.


Contents: 750 grain

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sowingsowingFrom February to August. Sow early in seed boxes, later directly on the spot in the field. Only cover the seeds very thinly with soil.
germinationgerminationUnevenly, after 6–15 days at an optimal temperature of 10–16 ° C. Higher temperatures can have a germ-inhibiting effect.
CultureCultureRow spacing 30 cm, in the row 30 cm. If necessary, move to a distance after emergence, do not plant out too deep.
LocationLocationAs sunny as possible. Prefers loose, humus-rich soils, heavy soils are unsuitable. Only fertilize very carefully, lettuce is very sensitive to salt.
harvestharvestHarvest as soon as a firm head has developed. Earlier harvest possible by covering with foil / fleece.
useuseSalads are one of the most important vegetables in the world. They are very rich in vitamins and have a refreshing and stimulating effect.
BioBioOnly where it says BIO is BIO inside. Because all products that are marked with the community logo must be produced and controlled in accordance with the EC organic regulation. DE-ÖKO-006



Dürr Samen

Dürr Samen BIO-Babyleaf-Salat Spicy Mix
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